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Manufacturer's ID: 1611106-31NC

What we say:

Seymour Duncan are perhaps the most famous brand of guitar pickups in the world. Since the 70s, Seymour and his team have hand built an ever-increasing range of premium pickups for electric guitar, bass and acoustic instruments.

Seymour Duncan use the best copper wire and magnets to create their pickups. Models range from recreations of vintage classics to, more often, original design pickups that bring a whole new world of sound tho the musician. All styles are catered for, from 50s pop to traditional Jazz right through to the most aggressive modern metal.

Changing pickups in your guitar is the quickest and most cost effective way to alter or upgrade your sound. Seymour Duncan will almost certainly have a pickup that’s perfect for you with a level of quality that’s unmatched.

The Blackout is Seymour Duncan’s take on the active humbucker. Popular in Metal and other genres where high output and low noise is required, active pickups use the power of a 9v battery to achieve output levels that would be otherwise impossible to achieve form a guitar alone.

The AHB-1B Blackout is the bridge position pickup and brings more of an organic edge to the sound than other active pickups. The midrange is slightly scooped out to allow for an instantly satisfying high gain crunch tone. Lead passages stand out with a major presence, and there’s enough top-end here to make harmonics really scream!

The Seymour Duncan Blackout, available here with a Nickel cover, is an excellent, modern active humbucker with a response that sets it apart.


Not only do Seymour Duncan Blackouts active humbuckers have less hum than most active humbuckers, they also have more lows, more highs, and more output. Simply put, the Blackouts have more tone than most active pickups. Players will find far fewer problems with hum, especially near computer monitors and fluorescent lighting.

Blackouts are available in individual neck and bridge models, or as a two-pickup set. All versions come with all necessary mounting hardware, including pots, jack, and a battery clip.

Includes 25K pots, stereo jack, battery clip, pin jumper, and other mounting hardware.