TC Electronic HOF Hall of Fame Mini Reverb

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Overall Rating 4.5 (6 reviews)

A nice little pedal that does what it says on the tin. Haven?t tried the whizzy toneprint stuff yet.

Robin N. - 2/12/2018

good pedal,should have considered the next model up

ian f. - 15/9/2017

Brilliant little pedal. You can really crack open the space or just give the slightest hints of verb if you want. Tone print app is to die for as well.

H.D. - 21/7/2015

Bought it for my dad--he's rather unfortunately torn his calf muscle making a pedal... probably not the best choice of gift.

M.D. - 9/5/2014

Fantastic pedal, couldn't be happier!

J.G. - 11/3/2014

Such a great sounding reverb, I can't figure out the tone print stuff yet, but once I do this pedal will be a complete package.

D.A. - 14/1/2014

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