Keeley Magnetic Echo Delay

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Overall Rating 4 (1 reviews)

Good echo, made me sound like Hank Marvin! Two structural problems : the LED is too bright, it dazzles when trying to adjust the pots. I have put some tape over it. And the jack sockets do not hold the jacks in. Would be alright is squashed up on a board, but very annoying when loose on the floor. GG support said use a thin screwdriver to reach in and pull the spring clip down to increase grip. Appears to work until I put a jack plug in, then it reverts. And the metal socket collar comes off very easily. Can't get at it from below as a PCB covers all the innards. I have MXRs mass produced at half the price that have decent jack sockets - why can't Keeley ? So, sounds great, mostly happy to have it, but I shouldn't need an elastic band to hold it together !

F.L. - 20/5/2015