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DiMarzio PAF Master Neck DP260 Double Cream

Manufacturer's ID: DP260

What we say:

This excellent humbucker was designed to offer a PAF-like sound with more top and mids in there and bite too. It's a bright sounding pickup with sweetness and sustain but not too much output, it just feels that way because of the fast response. It's a raunchy sounding pickup that's perfect for Texas Blues, Desert Rock and other hot 'n' dusty styles. This is the Neck unit.


We’ve done the research and seen all the mythology around pickups made with NOS wire, unoriented magnets, butyrate bobbins, vintage alloys, unbalanced coils, et al. We prefer to focus on results rather than on replicas. The PAF® Master Neck Model uses several of our patented ideas to create a pickup that pays tribute to the original sound without imitating it. Instead of “accidentally” unbalancing the coils, we’ve tuned them to different frequencies to get the same effect without compromising hum-cancellation.


Wiring: 4 Conductor 
Magnet: Alnico 5 
Output mV: 193 
DC Resistance: 7.37 Kohm 
Year of Introduction: 2014 
Patent: 5,399,802 & 5,908,998


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