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Kemper Digital Profiler Head Black And Profiler Remote Modelling Amp


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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Kemper Digital Profiler Head And Profiler Remote Modelling Amp is a gig ready combo of the revolutionary Profiler amp and Profiler Remote. Leaving behind any notion of what a digital amplifier sounds like, the Kemper Profiler recreates in detail all of your favourite amps and saves them to be used, tweaked, and most importantly played! With Kemper's revolutionary technology you have the ability to "profile" any amp. This means you can switch from a vintage blackface cleans to hot-rodded British leads effortlessly.

Bundled with the equally well designed Profiler Remote you have ultimate control over every iconic tone you load in to your Profiler Head.

Features We Love:

Play through legendary amps

The Kemper Digital profiling Amplifier comes loaded with a selection of profiles crafted by professional guitarists and engineers from studios all over the world. These include classic, rare, iconic amps all with their own unique personalities that have been perfectly captured in a Kemper Profile.

Create your own profiles!

Have an amp you love? You can profile that and open up a whole world of possibilities. You can create your own signature profiles to be used anywhere. this is especially useful for musicians who love their tone in the studio, simply profile the tone you love and you can use it on stage, at home, wherever!

Growing Library

As well as coming loaded with some incredible profiles already, Kemper continually update their website with new free profiles of classic amplifiers. In addition to this Kemper has a whole community of players who can share their own profiles on the "Rig Exchange" database on Kemper's website.

Tweak everything!

In addition to the wealth of classic amplifiers at your fingertips AND the ability to replicate your own amplifiers, the Kemper Digital Profiler still has all the features you'd expect of an amp and more. Once you've loaded up a profile you can edit everything as well with basic amp controls from Gain, EQ, Volume, and Master Volume, to a whole range of premium sounding effects including reverb, overdrive, phaser and so much more. You can even select which cabinet you'd like your amp to run through! The possibilities are near endless. The Kemper Digital Profiler has a whole editable signal chain from Input to pre-effects, your amp and cabinet, and then to post effects.

Gig Ready Bundle

With the Profiler Remote you have the ultimate gig bundle. Connecting with a single cable, featuring a Neutrik etherCON connector for a sturdy connection and built like a tank. The Digital Remote is a touring musicians best friend. No complicated cabling connections, and confidence that it can take a knock are both virtues for the gigging musician.


  • Incredibly detailed profiles
  • Discover legendary amplifiers with just a download
  • Own all your favourite amplifiers in 1 box
  • Profile your own amplifier
  • Frequent free firmware updates make your Kemper absolutely future proof
  • Always handy built in tuner


Kemper Digital Profiler Head

Weight 5.32 kg (11.73 pounds)
Height 21.7 cm (8.54 inches)
Width 37.8 cm (14.88 inches)
Depth 17.3 cm (6.81 inches)
Front Input ¼ inch TS unbalanced, dynamic range >108 dB, impedance 1 megohms
Alternative Input ¼ inch TRS balanced with ground lift, dynamic range =105 dB, impedance 825 kohms
Return XLR balanced, ¼ inch balanced with ground lift, dynamic range =105 dB, impedance 825 kohms
Main Output L & R XLR balanced, ¼ inch TS unbalanced with ground lift, output level: XLR +4 dBu, TS +4 dBu
Monitor Output ¼ inch TS unbalanced with ground lift, output level: +4 dBu
Direct Output/Send ¼ inch TS unbalanced with ground lift, output level: +4 dBu, output dynamic range: >108 dB
Headphone Output ¼ inch TRS stereo, 32-600 ohms, 330 mW @ 32 ohms, 220 mW @ 600 ohms
Digital Input/Output S/PDIF Input/Output 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz (24 bit) with RCA phone connectors for coax cables (master only)
MIDI IN/OUT/THRU 5-pin DIN connectors
Switch/Pedal ¼ inch TRS, each for mono/stereo switch or expression pedal (10 kohms min, 100 kohms max. impedance)
USB USB 2.0 (FS) compatible device, USB-A and USB-B connectors

Kemper Digital Profiler Remote

Weight 2.9 kg (6.39 pounds)
Height 7.5 cm (2.95 inches)
Width 42 cm (16.53 inches)
Depth 18 cm (7.09 inches)

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Overall Rating 5/5 (3 reviews)

Christopher . - 30/4/2020

Amazing piece of kit. Love it! Sound quality is great & easy to get used to

David B. - 11/6/2019

Frank J. - 15/5/2019

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