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BOSS Katana Mini


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What we say:

In this age of omnipresent small amplifiers, the market for a truly portable, battery powered amp is rather crowded. Competition is stiff from all corners: can BOSS, long-established stompbox goliaths, enter the fray with an amp that will do some damage?

Well, yes, frankly. These small amplifiers are continually surprising our ears here at guitarguitar: sitting in the house and plugging into a lunchbox sized amp is no longer a compromise in terms of tone and BOSS’s Katana mini proves this with a ‘Brown’ sound that is pretty spectacular given the circumstances! We are taking genuine high gain filth with no hint of fizz or raspiness: this tone is balanced and fully formed, even coming out of this amp’s tiny 4” speaker.

Three channels are present here: the aforementioned ‘Brown’ sound, notably designed and named after the famous distorted tone of a certain game-changing Dutch guitarist whose band is named after him and his drummer brother…

There is also an impressive clean sound and a rich crunch tone on board for those strange moments when you don’t want massive amounts of gain on your sound. A 3 band EQ is included, as is a nicely warm sounding delay circuit with its own Time and Level control knobs.

Run the Katana Mini on batteries and mains, it has both options and includes batteries in the box.

With such great sounds available so easily in a package that weighs nothing and takes up no space, it’s a complete no-brainer to choose the Katana Mini for your mini-amp rocking!


The Katana Mini was designed from the ground up and started with the strong clean tone upon which the rest of the amp was born. Starting with the rich and full clean tone and then adding in analogue gain stages to create three highly detailed and responsive channels to allow the player maximum flexibly in a small package.

During the production of the amp detailed tone editing and adjustment from the Boss engineers have allowed players to get the feel of a real with an authentic two volume, three tone stack circuit for an enjoyable feel that goes all the way to high gain settings featured on the bigger Katanas. The meticulous design of the Clean, Crunch and “Brown” Style channel flow seamlessly into one another respond just like any other amp alongside the guitars volume plus your picking and playing style.

On top of this players can experience a digital delay finely tuned to give an analogue feel and to work with any gain stage at any level.

Tested with a range of guitars it even handles low end tuning with ease even with plenty on gain on tap the custom designed speaker handles low end extremely well and while most of the competition would start to bottom out and become muddy the Katana maintains high quality low end meaning even the heaviest of metal players get a small and serious rock amp.

Suited for all players and all styles there is something for everywhere in this tiny amp. This is NOT a toy like so many others on the market. When you plug it in, most people do not expect to hear the sound that does come out the speaker, clarity and class that goes from clean funk to djent. Perfect for use at home from bedroom to green room. Battery or mains powered means that it’s portable and always ready to play.

The amount of volume of tap, mixed with the dynamic responsiveness means it will be the perfect partner from jamming (via the aux input) to songwriting. Headphones with a cabinet voiced output means you get the feel of that big amp in a pair of headphones while still maintaining real amp feel and sound. The headphone out can even be used as a line out for quick and easy recording or even through a PA.

  • Three custom designed analogue gain stages
  • Built from the ground up to provide serious tone
  • Three analogue channels Clean, Crunch, Brown (Lead)
  • Custom designed and tuned speaker and hardware – 7 watt output
  • Real amp responsiveness from a small package
  • On board Analogue voiced, digital delay
  • Battery or Mains Powered
  • Authentic Two Volume, Three Tone Stack Set-up
  • Amp handles a full range of guitars for standard to low tuning
  • Headphone and Line out with real cabinet voicing

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.9 (27 reviews)

Good value for the money - could not believe that the big sound i was hearing was coming from this little box! Needed a very small / portable practice amp that could run on batteries and this fitted the bill. I also considered the Roland Micro Cube but it was twice the price of the Katana.The Katana Mini is outstanding value for the money but if you can afford it - the Roland Micro Cube, having previously owned one, is the better amp in my opinion.

David F. - 20/12/2020

Great product, clear sound

Michelle L. - 14/12/2020

Ciro D. - 3/12/2020

Stefan L. - 25/10/2020

Ian h. - 18/10/2020

david m. - 13/10/2020

Ed P. - 8/10/2020

Matteo F. - 5/7/2020

Thomas F. - 22/6/2020

Brilliant for what I wanted. I have just started learning.

Helen W. - 19/6/2020

I only play at home for my own amusement, and since I sold my last "proper" guitar amp a number of years ago, had been using a Digitech multi effects pedal fed into my PC as a substitute. I'd been thinking about buying a small amp for a few years and at various times had considered buying a Blackstar Fly 3, Roland Micro Cube or a Yamaha THR5 among others. I decided against the Fly 3 because it only features a single tone control, and rejected the other two because I didn't feel the need for a range of distracting built in effects or a tuner. The Boss Katana Mini in contrast features 3 band eq which in combination with the 3 channel options, will give you pretty much whatever sound you want - personally, I found the clean channel simply too "clean" and the brown channel too "in your face" for my tastes, so will stick to the crunch channel. The built in delay is fairly basic, allowing you to adjust both time and level - I've seen it claimed that if you turn both up all the way, you get a reverb effect - though I remain unconvinced. My recommendation to anyone buying one of these (and I do!), is that you play about with it until you get the sound that's right for you (and there's a lot to choose from), and then leave well alone and just play! Build quality seems excellent, but as to reliability, only time will tell. And the same goes for battery life.

Dave . - 6/6/2020

Will C. - 3/6/2020

You can't go arong for the money. A great littel amp that is ideal for practice but I got it for home studio recording use. Highly recommended.

Jason C. - 3/6/2020

For the money this practice amp is fantastic value.

john g. - 2/6/2020

I live on a narrowboat so this amp gets me by.

Andrew . - 29/5/2020

Does the job for me excellent.

Ronnie C. - 28/5/2020

For such a small box it has amazing sounds at low practice volumes. Value for money is immense. Its also tiny and extremely portable.

Rachael C. - 25/5/2020

I can?t believe how good the sound is from this little thing, it?s a go anywhere size and perfect for a bit of practice, oh that sound ?

Philip H. - 25/5/2020

Robert . - 21/5/2020

Daughter loves this and the sound is really good for the size of it.

Lisa P. - 13/5/2020

Great little amp for the price ?.

joshua d. - 1/5/2020

Robert M. - 28/4/2020

Keifer S. - 6/4/2020

Paul S. - 28/8/2019

Can't believe how good it sounds. Must have f*** off all my neighbours - for a 7 watt amp - oh man! - technology has moved n since I started playing the guitar. Embrace It!

Adam M. - 3/5/2019

Nice clean sounds.easilý manageable.great for outdoors,taking two guitars.

edmond p. - 5/2/2019

Awesome mini amp. Great sound and plenty of volume for bedroom practice. May even do a very small gig. Batteries last for ages, though the official power supply is expensive and not included.

James S. - 19/2/2018

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