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About Boss Amps

BOSS Amps are something of a miracle: genuinely brilliant sounding guitar amps which are affordable and have a huge variety of tones and effects. No wonder they are among the bestselling amps in the world!

BOSS Amps bring you a dazzling array of tones and effects at an amazing price. The revolutionary Katana amp series deliver a host of built in amp sounds and effects models in an array of sizes, powers and head/combo formats to suit any size set from bedroom practice to a full size stage. All too at an unbeatable price for this level of audio performance!

BOSS Amps have also been busy innovating wireless amps. Two new models - the Katana Air and the Waza Air - are extraordinary. The Katana Air is a lunchbox sized amp with a fully rechargeable battery and a built-in wireless receiver. This allows you to practice at home or on the move without the annoying tangle of cables everywhere. The Waza Air has taken this even further - it is a wearable amp or, in other words, headphones! Ideal for players who care about their tone but need to be able to practice silently.

BOSS Amps also do a fantastic range of acoustic amps called the ‘Acoustic Singer’ range. The special feature of these amps is that they have a built-in harmony and looper pedals. Perfect for solo performers to create complex, lush arrangements!


What Makes a BOSS Amp Different?

  • Outstanding effects and amp modelling
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Wide range of sizes and formats
  • Rich, dynamic tones
  • Innovative wireless technology
  • Options for acoustic players
  • Everything from practice amps to full gig size heads and combos
  • Fantastically affordable

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Amps

Question: Are BOSS amps good?
Absolutely! Built tough and packed with outstanding sounds, BOSS amps are built to last you, gig after gig and session after session.
Question: Who makes Boss amps?
BOSS are part of the Roland Corporation. The amps themselves are made in Malaysia.
Question: What kind of amp is the Boss Katana?
The Boss Katana is a solid-state practice amp.
Question: Do Boss Make any battery powered amps?
Yes! The Boss Katana Air is a battery powered amp. The battery is built-in and rechargeable so you don’t need to replace batteries at all.