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About Boss Amps

BOSS Amps are something of a miracle: genuinely brilliant sounding amps which are affordable and have a huge variety of tones and effects. No wonder they are among the bestselling amps in the world!

The flagship series of BOSS Amps is their Katana Series. Part of what makes a Katana sound so good is that it only relies on digital technology for the effects; the core amp tones are all analog. This gives it an incredible richness and dynamic range compared to a lot of similarly priced amps.

BOSS Amps have also been busy innovating wireless amps. Two new models - the Katana Air and the Waza Air - are extraordinary. The Katana Air is a lunchbox sized amp with a fully rechargeable battery and a built-in wireless receiver. This allows you to practice at home or on the move without the annoying tangle of cables everywhere. The Waza Air has taken this even further - it is a wearable amp or, in other words, headphones! Ideal for players who care about their tone but need to be able to practice silently.

BOSS Amps also do a fantastic range of acoustic amps called the ‘Acoustic Singer’ range. The special feature of these amps is that they have a built-in harmony and looper pedals. Perfect for solo performers to create complex, lush arrangements!

What makes BOSS amps different?

  • Rich, dynamic tones
  • Innovative wireless technology
  • Options for acoustic players
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Amps

    Question: Who makes Boss amps?
    BOSS are part of the Roland Corporation. The amps themselves are made in Malaysia.
    Question: What kind of amp is the Boss Katana?
    The Boss Katana is a solid-state practice amp.
    Question: Do Boss Make any battery powered amps?
    Yes! The Boss Katana Air is a battery powered amp. The battery is built-in and rechargeable so you don’t need to replace batteries at all.