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About Boss Katana

Boss Katana is a range of amplifiers designed to offer not only a versatile range of sounds for the home, rehearsal room and stage but also to deliver the best high gain distortion sound around! The Katana series goes from the Katana Mini right up to the Katana Artist combo, covering all points in between including an amp head.

Boss Katana amps give guitarists modern, cutting edge tones that are wholly convincing. Boss, a division of Roland, always pack in the features and the Katana range is no exception. The Katana range includes a wealth of additional features such as built in FX, channel and global EQ, an attenuation circuit (Power Control) and other features including Cabinet Resonance and Air Feel to make the experience as physical and reactive as possible.

Boss Katana amps are excellent for a range of players and uses. As one of the UK's top Roland dealers, we have a complete range of Boss Katana products in stock at all times. Our staff are specially trained in Boss equipment and certain guitarguitar stores also contain Roland Planets, dedicated areas staffed by Roland experts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Katana

The Katana 100 will accept all types of Boss FS footswitch as well as the EV expression pedals and the GA-FC foot controller. Go for this one if you want the most control over your sound.
The version 2 Katana software includes new effects (a new delay, flanger and phaser), double the amount of memories for tones, new global EQ controls and new Cabinet Resonance & Air Feel features. Lots of great value and further functionality, in other words!
Indeed yes, the Katana head has a built in monitor speaker for home practice. This is really convenient since you do not need to plug in a cabinet to enjoy playing through your Katana head in your home.
The Boss Katana Air amp is indeed wireless! It comes with a wireless transmitter which connects to the amp's built in receiver. This allows you to be free with your movements - no need for a guitar lead! This receiver can actually charge when plugged into the amp so you don't have to keep buying batteries. There is Bluetooth connectivity for organising your presets and altering tones remotely from a mobile device via the Boss Tone Studio app. The amp also runs on batteries (and AC power) so you can be entirely wireless if you want!
Boss' 'Brown' channel on their Katana amps is taken from their top end 'Waza' amps but that isn't where the story finishes. Why is it called the brown sound? Easy. The sound itself is unofficially based of the distorted guitar sound of Eddie Van Halen, who describes his own sound as 'the brown sound'. All smirking aside, Boss have indeed served up a rich and incredibly satisfying high gain sound with their Katana Brown channel. Since Eddie Van Halen's guitar sound has been a benchmark for 'great tone' for the best part of four decades now so if Boss can get close to that with an affordable solid state amp (and they have) then that is quite the achievement!