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About Boss Katana

Boss Katana is a range of amplifiers designed to offer not only a versatile range of sounds for the home, rehearsal room and stage but also to deliver the best high gain distortion sound around! The Katana series goes from the Katana Mini right up to the Katana Artist combo, covering all points in between including an amp head.

Boss Katana amps give guitarists modern, cutting edge tones that are wholly convincing. Boss, a division of Roland, always pack in the features and the Katana range is no exception. The Katana range includes a wealth of additional features such as built in FX, channel and global EQ, an attenuation circuit (Power Control) and other features including Cabinet Resonance and Air Feel to make the experience as physical and reactive as possible.

Boss Katana amps are excellent for a range of players and uses. As one of the UK's top Roland dealers, we have a complete range of Boss Katana products in stock at all times. Our staff are specially trained in Boss equipment and certain guitarguitar stores also contain Roland Planets, dedicated areas staffed by Roland experts. With a huge vartiety of sounds, tones and a range of options to suit any budget or playing scenario, it's no surprise that it's so hugely popular. 

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Why Should I Choose a Boss Katana?

  • Range of options
  • Excellent value for money
  • Incredible modelling sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Katana

Question: Is the Boss Katana range solid state?
BOSS Katana range amps are primarily modelling amps and fall into the solid state power category. This makes the BOSS Katana range extremely versatile, able to accurately emulate the tones and sounds of a variety of different amplifier types.
Question: What effects do Katana amps have?
Many of the BOSS Katana Amps have a total of 65 effects available for use from BOSS's excellent range of effects, such as Heavy Octave, Stereo Delay and Pan Delay. Plugging the Amp into a computer allows for regular and easy Firmware updates that can expand the effects library over time!