Marshall Origin ORI20H 20 Watt Valve Amp Head

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Overall Rating 4.9 (11 reviews)

john c. - 1/10/2021

Keith M. - 11/5/2021

Old school Marshall tones at an affordable price

Simon K. - 10/5/2021

I wanted Marshall to make an amp a lot like this. Were they secretly listening? lol Now I have one, because the price and finance options made it too good not to.

Leonard O. - 4/12/2019

This amp is a fantastic back to basics valve amp with absolutely nothing you don't need. Great Marshall sound and build quality I have 2 cabs one 1x12 with a Celestion G12H inside and I bought the 2x12 origin cab as well, I'm getting nice creamy valve tones even at lower volumes, with my Gibson Les Paul faded, epiphone Riviera, epiphone dot,and even my masterbilt acoustic. Cleans through to lovely break up are easily achieved. Plenty of headroom too.

Gareth P. - 21/9/2019

Superb amp at a great price!

Dom F. - 21/9/2019

Emma B. - 21/9/2019

Good quality amp for the money. Stock Chinese tubes are not the best but cheap to replace. I found this amp really a great deal of fun through a 4x12 speaker cabinet. Likes master up around 7 and gain around 9. Depending on your guitar you may need to dial out the bass some or all the way. This is not a wife/girlfriend friendly amplifier. It wants to rock! Loses a star for the rubbish DI. I don't really know why they bothered with that tbh. It would also be nice to get reverb at this price point but nbd.

Chris G. - 21/9/2019

Got this as a single channel and a more traditional valve sound. it has a toggle switch which gives you 20 Watts (more clean), 3 watts (still clean) & 0.5 watts (which can still be clean or give a bit more drive). Don't let the low wattage fool you this is a loud amp head. I have the master on 4 & gain on 5 on the 0.5 watt set with the gain boost off and it is still loud (compared against a 50 watt & 100 watt head into 2 Celestion V30's). It has plenty of headroom. just plugging straight in and testing it out, everyone listening preferred the 0.5 set (you can get the drive in easier). I like it in all high/middle/low and front loading it with a Fulltone pedal, vintage chorus & analogue delay. I have run pedals through the send/return and front loaded a parallel compressor & Dirty Shirley pedal at the same time, it sounds great. I tried various overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedals and various guitars with different pickups. It surprised me just straight as it gives a really nice natural harmonic sound. I got this for an ideal pedal platform, but am really enjoying it bare which I don't normally do with other amps.

Robert K. - 27/8/2019

Great Amplifier, vintage looks and sounds with the reliability and convenience of a modern amp

Christopher S. - 23/7/2019

Love this amp. With pedals gives me the sound in my head! Looks great! Sounds great!

Denis S. - 15/5/2019

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