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About Marshall Origin

The Marshall Origin range are a modern take on a defiantly retro theme: the single channel valve combo. The range is diverse, taking in a small 5 watt combo and including a 20 watt head and a 50 watt combo among other models. The Origin range is styled on old 60s and 70s Marshalls and makes a big reference to the 'tilt' control. This changes the feel and response of the amp's overall character, rather as Marshall users would have done in the past by patching multiple inputs.

These Marshall Origin amps are especially satisfying for guitarists who like to use guitar pedals a lot. They form an excellent base tone from which to sculpt your sonic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall Origin

Question: What models are in the Marshall Origin range?
The full range has 5 models: three combos and two heads. Here they are total: Origin 5 combo, Origin 20C combo, Origin 50C combo, Origin 20H head and Origin 50H head.
Question: I'm interested in the Tilt control: what does that do?
The Tilt control lets you dial a preferred balance between two different takes on the amp's sound: one is the straight up Marshall Origin sound and the other has much more of a toppy, trebley bite. Somewhere in between the two lies your perfect Origin tone! You can use the Tilt control to zone in on specifics for certain guitars: Les Paul type guitars may benefit from more of the Tilt whereas Strat type guitars may prefer less and so on.
Question: How does the gain boost function work?
The gain boost function on Marshall Origin amps is engaged by simply pulling the gain knob out a little. If you connect a footswitch to the amp, this will override the control knob so you'll only be able to control the gain boost by footswitch.