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About Marshall Origin

The Marshall Origin series are Marshall's all valve vintage style amplifiers but with a modern twist. Vintage looks which are iconic from Marshall, but the Origin series give guitar players new possibilies with its modern features. Including Tilt control which blends sounds from normal to high treble in a single control channel to capture sounds from classic amps such as the Marshall 1959SLP and JTM-45.

The Marshall Origin range produce classic tones from its all tube, clean boost, high treble channels with high output. The Marshall Origin series features Power reducing technology called Powerstem, to allow reduction of volume level without changing tone or performance. Great for a variety of players needs, from the gigging musician looking to have enough volume to play large venues to practicing at lower volumes at home. The Marshall Origin amplifiers are available in both head and combo formats, 50W, 20W and 5W outputs.

Why Should I Choose a Marshall Origin Amp?

  • Vintage iconic Marshall looks
  • Affordable all tube amplifier
  • Modern features with more tone control
  • Marshall build quality
  • Great range options to cover all performing situations

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall Origin

Question: When was the Marshall Origin amp first released?
The Marshall Origin amp was first released in 2018, as a reimagining of vintage style amplifiers with modern appointments.
Question: Are Marshall Origin amps loud enough?
Yes. Marshall Origin amps are valve amplifiers giving them significant volume and presence. Even the smaller amplifiers at 20 Watts would have enough volume for smaller venues.
Question: How does the gain boost function work?
The gain boost function on Marshall Origin amps is engaged by simply pulling the gain knob out a little. If you connect a footswitch to the amp, this will override the control knob so you'll only be able to control the gain boost by footswitch.
Question: What is the Powerstem feature?
The Powerstem feature on the Marshall Origin amps is an attenuator which reduces the amps' power without sacrificing the overall sound and character of the amps. This means you will have the sound you want at any volume.
Question: Where was the Marshall Origin made?
Marshall Origin series amps are all made in Vietnam.
Question: What is Marshall Origin based on?
The Marshall Origin amps are based on the original classic value Marshall amplifiers from over half a century ago, such as the JTM or JVM ranges.
Question: What is Tilt on Marshall Origin?
A single tone knob which allows the guitar player to control their amp sound from normal to high treble. Based on multi-input technology to recreate tones from classic marshall amps such as the 1959SLP and JTM-45.