JHS Pedals Unicorn V2 Vibrato

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JHS Pedals Unicorn V2 Vibrato


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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Unicorn V2 by JHS taps into the classic analog photocell univibe and vibrato effects from the 60s. Powering it on instantly transports you back in time to give you the luscious swirling tone loved by Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and many other classic acts. However! It wouldn't be a true unicorn without something extra special to offer, this is the world's first bulb-driven photocell modulator with a tap tempo, making this one of the most useable vibes around!

Features We Love:

Who's It For?

The univibe sound has been used over many genres, including prog, jazz, goth and classic rock. It instantly adds a retro flavour to your tone, so would suit those looking to add a bit of vintage vibe or psychedelia to their music, but its dreamy sound would also work great for shoegaze, chillwave and other alt-rock subgenres.

Tap Tempo

The Unicorn is the only all analog bulb-driven photocell modulator pedal to feature tap tempo. This unique feature give you acute control over the fluttering effect so it will perfectly pulse in time with your music. The tempo can also be controlled from an external source, for example, a tempo sync that's connected to your other time based pedals for uniform consistency across your board.

Expression Control

The pedal can also be used with an external expression pedal to change the effects rate in real time, giving a huge range of dreamy potential to your performances.


  • All analog construction with photocell based design produces the authentic effect in the truest way
  • Tap tempo and expression control give you accurate control over the effect

What's Included:

  • JHS Unicorn V2



The Unicorn is bursting with all the lush and washy pulsations that changed what the electric guitar could sound like in the 1960s. And this is no digital emulation. The Unicorn sports the real-deal, analog photocell topology of the original units.

  • Sounds like the originals because it’s built like the originals
  • All-analog signal path delivers a warm, touch-sensitive tone
  • Dry/Wet toggle selects between a Uni-Vibe* and vibrato effect


There are other analog vibe pedals and there are pedals with tap-tempo control, but - if we’re allowed to gloat for a second - the JHS Unicorn is the first to put ‘em together. Add optional external speed control and a ratio knob that determines the rhythmic subdivisions or as we like to say, how much fairy dust enters into the flux capacitor of the Unicorn - and you have one of the most versatile vibe pedals on the market.

  • Control the rate of the effect with the Speed knob or onboard tap-tempo footswitch
  • Want quarter note, dotted eighth, or triplet rhythms? They’re all found on the Ratio knob
  • LED indicator notifies you of the effect’s tempo, even when disengaged


But wait, there’s more! One of the things that makes the vintage Shin-ei* Uni-Vibes* so desirable is your ability to control the effect’s rate in real time with an external expression pedal. How could we not include that!? And to go one step further, you can slave the pedal to other tap-controlled pedals for rhythmic consistency across all your effects.

  • Internal Tap/Expression mini switch controls the side-mounted Tap/Exp TRS jack
  • Expression pedal control of the Unicorn’s rate in the Exp setting
  • Use an external source to control the rate in the Tap Out setting (Works great with our Panther Cub Delay, Emperor Chorus pedals)


One of the things we’re most proud of with the Unicorn Uni-vibe* Photocell Modulator is how easy it is to dial up the exact pulse of a mystical Unicorn running across a field of 4-leaf clovers… but only if you dare.

  • Four knobs and a mini toggle are all you need for a world of syrupy, modulated tones
  • Left two controls are your tone, right two controls are your speed, toggle is your effect. It’s that simple


The original Unicorn sounds great and works perfectly, so we didn't change a thing about it other than: its now half the size, and its a lower price point!

When everything has been done and everything has been seen, we bring you a first ever 100% analog signal path Uni-vibe* Photocell Modulator w/ Tap Tempo.


Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5/5 (2 reviews)

After a disappointing experience with a 2nd hand Fulltone MDV3, as it was really noisy - plus prices have gone through the roof due to their subsequent closing. I then plumped for a brand new JHS Unicorn V2. GuitarGuitar had the best price on the net. Great photocell univibe, with some really useful "tweaks" included. Great pedal it's a keeper!

Stuart S. - 21/9/2022

A P. - 18/10/2020

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