Victory Amps The Sheriff 22 Head (Ex-Demo) #00556-0219

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A great amp the short time I have had it. I haven't been used to an amp with a proper EQ section for a long time as my other amp only had a tone knob which limited it, but nevertheless, had a good sound I just wanted a better amp.

Keith H. - 2/7/2020

I went to guitarguitar expecting to be walking away with the V40. I was however blown away by the Sheriff!!! I was looking for a fairly clean amp with a slight amount of breakup that will take pedals really well. I feel the sheriff has been slightly miss advertised as being a more 'high gain amp' (which it does very well BTW) as the clean sounds you can achieve are simply amazing. Channel 1 volume around 3 and maxing the master gives an amazing warm, dynamic tone that is so musical!!! Very early marshall JTM45 sounding. I felt the V40 was just a bit dark and I also had no need for the reverb. The other thing which isn't immediately obvious with the sheriff is its built in power attenuation. Being able to run the amp flat out at home at 0.3 watts is insane. it is not only the best gigging amp i've every played due to tone and portability but also an incredible home practice amp.

Matt R. - 7/5/2018

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