Mesa Boogie Fillmore FL-25 Head

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In my search for a new amp head, I had looked at the Boogie 5:25. A great amp in itself, I found the overall sound a little 'hard' to my ears. I liked the first channel with the Clean/ Fat /Crunch options and realised that what I really wanted was channel one in a separate head. Amazingly, the Fillmore 25 could be described as a warmer sounding version of the 5:25 first channel. As the Fillmore has two identical channels, one then has the option of, in effect, switching between 2 of the 3 options that are in the clean channel of the 5:25. On the Fillmore the three options on each channel are Clean/ Drive and Hi Gain, all giving glorious variations of warm Classic Vintage Rock sounds. The Tonal footprint is one of ringing chime and dynamic definition of depth of 'old school' character. Boogie have created a simple but versatile amp that takes you back to the sounds that a created the Rock genre in the first place.

Charles M. - 4/3/2019