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Curt Mangan 44410 Nickel Wound Bass 40-100

Manufacturer's ID: 44410

Curt Mangan® FusionMatched® strings were developed from the ground up and from a player's perspective. Every batch of Curt Mangan® strings is play-tested to make sure they have that tension balanced feel with a clear, solid tone.


Nickel wound strings are made by winding nickel-plated steel wire around a tin-plated, high-carbon steel core wire. Nickel wound bass strings have a very balanced tonal response with sparkling highs, clear mid-range and defined bass.

Curt Mangan Standard Length Bass Strings have an overall length of 53 inches with winding to 36 3/4 inches. All Curt Mangan guitar strings are made with USA made wire.


  • G: 0.040"
  • D: 0.060"
  • A: 0.080"
  • E: 0.100"


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