Korg WAVESTATE Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

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Overall Rating 4.8/5 (12 reviews)

Excellent compact synth with a lovely pallette of sounds that are user adjustable to a greater degree than Wavestation etc...very handy top deck KB for performance purposes. You will need a case as it is a very lightweight plastic KB however I dont find that a problem.

david e. - 8/11/2021

David E. - 8/11/2021

For the money it's a no brainer and the sounds that come out of it are superb. Going to take some time to program and learn it's depths but that's half the fun.

steve p. - 21/10/2021

Cracking instrument with endless creative possibilities

Anthony F. - 21/10/2021

Paul F. - 2/10/2021

It's going to be a challenge to learn - offers huge scope. The four stars is not so much a shortcoming in the Wavestate, more to do with my ability to get to grips with it. Have found that you don't have to master it to get some lovely sounds from it, WaveFormer on YouTube shows what it is capable of - and influenced my decision to purchase it.

Mr J. - 14/12/2020

Excellent sounds, plenty of scope to be creative, just what I was looking for.

Andy E. - 14/12/2020

This is truly a brilliant synth, a programmers dream to use! I am looking forward to learning how it works and to create some new musical work with it!

Kevin B. - 13/12/2020

Paul H. - 2/12/2020

Totally amazing synthesizer!

Derek S. - 6/10/2020

This synthesizer is absolutely amazing. Latest model and it's got incredible sound. Price was really good too considering how advanced it is. This is the second one I have bought from guitar guitar. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Pamela S. - 7/9/2020

Amazing sounds, but will take quite a while to get to grips with operating all its controls .

Raymond L. - 6/9/2020

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