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About Korg Synthesizers

Korg have been making synthesizers since they launched the MiniKorg-700 back in 1973 and the brand have remained a pioneer in the synthesizer world ever since. Innovations such as the creation of the first synthesizer to host digital effects and the first synth to use combined sampling and synthesis have been credited to this exceptional manufacturer, and even modern Korg synthesizers including the Minilogue, Monologue and Prologue host features unique to Korg that validate their everlasting legacy.

Korg are renowned for their reliability, high quality sounds and intuitive user interfaces and guitarguitar invite you to explore our amazing range of Korg synthesizers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Synthesizers

Famous Korg synthesizer players include: Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Prodigy, Foals, Legowelt, The Killers, Chemical Brothers, Erasure and Calvin Harris.
A synthesizer is an electronic keyboard instrument that generates a signal from a sound chip or oscillator, which is then passed through a series of filters or effects to create new sounds or mimic other instruments. Synthesizers are typically played via a piano style keyboard and can be either "monophonic", where you can only play one key at a time or "polyphonic", where you can play multiple keys at once.