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NUX Mini Studio Cab Simulator Pedal

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Manufacturer's ID: 173.296UK

NUX Mini Studio brings 8 Guitar Cabinets + 8 Bass Cabinets + 8 Acoustic Guitar IRs into 1 pocket-size pedal. Each impulse response (IR) file captured from its own original source is processed with state-of-the-art audio technology. At the end of the signal chain, Mini Studio amazingly re-produces cabinet sound and tastefully enhances the audio signal.

Guitar Cabinets

  • JZ120 - Roland Jazz 120
  • DR112 - Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • BS410 - Fender Bassman 410
  • A212 - VOX AC30 212
  • TR212 - Fender Twin Reverb 212
  • 1960 - Marshall 1960A 412
  • GB412 - Celestion Greenback 412
  • V412 - Celestion Vintage30 412

Bass Cabinets

  • AGL DB810 - Aguilar DB 810
  • AMP SV810 - Ampeg SV810
  • MKB 410 - Mark Bass 410
  • TRC 410 - Trace Elliot 410
  • AMP SV410 + Tweeter - Ampeg SV410 + Tweeter
  • Bassguy 410 - Fender Bassman 410
  • eden 410 - EDEN 410
  • AMP SV212 - Ampeg SV212

Acoustic Guitar IRs

  • G HBird EG Magnetic - Gibson Hummingbird for Electric Guitar Magnetic PU
  • G J15 EG Magnetic - Gibson J15 for Electric Guitar Magnetic PU
  • M D45 EG Magnetic - Martin D45 for Electric Guitar Magnetic PU
  • G HBird Piezo - Gibson Hummingbird for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU
  • G J15 Piezo - Gibson J15 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU
  • M D45 Piezo - Martin D45 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU
  • M HD28 Piezo - Martin HD28 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU
  • T 814 Piezo - Taylor 814 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU

Load Your Own Favorite IR File

Besides the well-known speaker model presets, each preset is also a memory spot where you can load your favorite IR files. It delivers the signal from input to output with ultra low latency (1.2 milliseconds), in 24 bit 44.1KHz audio quality. Mini Studio's sampling length is 1024 points, which means you will get a high resolution audio with a powerful speaker sound.

Tone Density

NUX Mini Studio has a Space knob to adjust the simulation of the speaker cabinet's room size. It's quite useful for simulating your tone as if it were mic-ed in a small or big room. When you increase the size of the room, you can feel the reflection decay as it happens in a real-room environment.


From your pedalboard to a mixer or audio interface, you will experience very realistic speaker cabinet sound. It can also make any personal monitor speaker (full range flat response amps recommended) into any of your favorite amplifiers. It's also very useful gear for recording at home. Just connect your pedalboard/multi effect pedal to Mini Studio and record with your audio interface.


  • 8 Guitar Cabinets + 8 Bass Cabinets + 8 Acoustic Guitar IRs
  • Output Level and Space controls
  • Mini Studio Software for IR file loading
  • 9V Negative Tip