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Red Seven Amplification Compulon Pro Compressor Pedal


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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Red Seven Amplification Compulon Pro Compressor pedal provides professional studio grade compression in a simple format. A two stage compressor that tracks your dynamics in great detail, this pedal is perfect for anyone looking to add that proefessional flair to their tone. In addition the simple to use controls the Compulon also features a unique saturation system the provides a rich, fat, harmonic tone as it's pushed more and more.

Features We Love:

Coil Saturation System

This system under the "C.S.S." knob is designed to mimic the output stage of studio mastering compressors. The resulting tone when you drive this knob hard is added harmonic content that fattens up the tone nicely and gives that special sparkle that can only be found in professional mixing environments.


Everyone likes options, and when it comes to compression it can be a very individual effect. With the series and parallel mode on the Compulon you can switch between 2 types of compression for the perfect sound. Parallel mode will give you that nice sustained sound while keeping the nature of your pick attack true. Series will keep all the peaks in your tone under control. A nice addition to an already great sounding compressor.


All of this professional sounding tone comes in a neat compact package that can easily find a home on your pedal board without too much trouble.


  • Highly versatile
  • Professional mastering grade compression
  • Neatly compact


  • Serial / Parallel mode: Compulon Pro works in both serial or parallel mode. If you’re in look for a sustained sound but keeping the nature of the pick attack, parallel mode is what you need. On the opposite side, serial mode is to keep every single signal peak under control.
  • Input gain selector: high, mid and low. Three different characters, to shape even further sound possibilities.
  • Volume / Blend: in serial mode this pot acts as output volume control, in parallel mode it acts as dry/wet control;
  • Threshold: select the level of the threshold of compression circuit.
  • S.S. Level: This is the level of Coil System Saturation, a specific tuned circuit to mimic the output transformers of the studio grade compressors. At minimum it acts as a buffer, perfect to keep as an “always on” pedal, by increasing you will fat your mids.

Important Information
  • All RedSeven Amplification pedals shares the same INPUT/OUTPUT/ REMOTE/DC INPUT control layout.
  • All RedSeven Amplification pedals must be powered with ONLY 9volts DC negative center, any other voltage could seriously damage the pedal.
  • REMOTE JACK allows you to control your your RedSeven Amplification pedal with a simple TRS jack. You can turn on/ off the pedal with a latching control between R (ring) and S (sleeve) and select between mode I and mode 2 with a latching control between T (tip) and S (sleeve).