PRS Hollowbody II

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About PRS Hollowbody II

The PRS Hollowbody II is a genuine marvel. Designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this featherweight guitar can conjure up a huge range of tones. Its fully hollow construction with carved maple top and carved maple back ensures each PRS Hollowbody II is lively and resonant.

There are two variations of the Hollowbody II in the American made PRS Core Series: the Hollowbody II Piezo and McCarty 594 Hollowbody II. They both have the same body construction and pickups but there are some important differences.

The Hollowbody II Piezo has a longer 25” scale length, thin Pattern Neck and LR Baggs Piezo pickup. This means you can coax more acoustic tones from it, which makes it popular for jazz styles.

The McCarty 594 Hollowbody II has a shorter 24.594” scale length, thick Pattern Vintage Neck and, instead of a piezo, can conjure up a range of electric tones with coil splittable pickups. This makes it more suited to blues and rock.

The PRS Hollowbody II is now also made as part of the affordable PRS SE range. These are available as a pure electric model and with a piezo, combining the balanced, clear, resonant tone of a hollowbody instrument with the power and stability of a solid-body electric guitar.

Our PRS Hollowbody II guitars come included with a solid guitar case.


Why Choose a PRS Hollowbody II?

  • Exquisite fully hollow construction
  • Exceptionally resonant
  • Variations to suit every style

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Hollowbody II

Question: What is a piezo in the PRS Hollowbody II Piezo?
A piezo is the type of magnetic pickup used in acoustic guitars to capture a natural acoustic tone. LR Baggs are one of the most revered makers of piezo pickups. This means you are able to capture the natural acoustic tone of the PRS Hollowbody as well as an electric sound. This effectively means that it is like two guitars in one: an acoustic and an electric. It has two separate outputs so you can use them both at the same time.