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About PRS Special Guitars

PRS Special Guitars are incredibly resonant semi-hollow or solid guitars with excellent design and premium feel.

PRS Special Guitars allow guitarist to use the hum/single coil/hum (HSH) pickup configuration with two PRS 58/15 LT humbuckers alongside a PRS narrowfield middle pickup. With the addition of the Narrowfield pickup, a single coil sound can be achieved to cut through the mix clearly without the usual hum. This helps to make the PRS special guitars versatile instruments which the player can control and hone in to the tone that suits their style of music best.

PRS build quality and materials give these guitars their extra special reputation, leading to a desirable sound, look and feel. PRS Special guitars feature Phase III tuners which use modern locking technology to promote tuning stability while keeping a great tone for a louder, more resonant instrument.

Why Should I Choose a PRS Special Guitar?

  • Unique Tones
  • Versatile HSH Configuration
  • USA or SE models for variety and levels of budget

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Special

Question: What is the PRS Special series of guitars?
The PRS Special Series are unique models from PRS that come in Semi Hollow or SE Swamp Ash versions, giving players a versatile HSH configuration for a wider variety of tones compared to their core Custom 24 models.
Question: Are all PRS Special guitars semi hollow?
No. Not all PRS Special guitars are semi hollow. There are solid body models in the PRS Special series such as The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special.
Question: How good are PRS Special guitars?
PRS Special guitars are very good versatile guitars which can provide tones to suit a range of music styles along with their exceptional construction, this is a well build instrument.
Question: Where are PRS Special guitars made?
The PRS Special Semi Hollow guitars are all manufactured within the USA and the PRS SE Specials are made in Indonesia.