Red Seven Amplification Amps

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About Red Seven Amplification Amps

Red Seven Amplification Amps offer an excellent range of products for the modern player. This is especially true of those who are looking for a versatile valve amp capable of both modern sounds and authentic vintage tones. Red Seven Amplification products are very high quality, made with top of the range components and constructed to high standards. Their simple and functional controls keep things simple while you sculpt your perfect sound, while smart features like the double master volume, MIDI communication, bright switch and lead boosts really let you dial in that tone, wherever the music takes you.

Red Seven Amps are super compact and feature intelligent internal space saving ideas to give you a full bodied valve amp experience in a super compact, transportable format. Red Seven Amplification Amps are proudly designed and made in Italy, and are beloved by a host of players and producers including John Browne of Monuments and Alastair Greene of Alan Parsons Project.


Why Should I Choose a Red Seven Amplification Amp?

  • Outstanding quality
  • Capable of vintage and modern sounds in one amp
  • Amazing tones
  • Excellent build and construction
  • Slick modern designs
  • Simple, streamlined yet effective feature set
  • Highly compact portable format

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Seven Amplification Amps

Question: Are Red Seven Amplification electric guitar amps any good?
Yes. Red Seven Amplification electric guitar amps are very good. They provide an incredibly diverse valve sound that is capable of replicating vintage sounds, and modern tones alike.
Question: Where are Red Seven Amplification electric guitar amps made?
Red Seven Amplification amplifiers are made in Italy.