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About RightOn! Guitar Straps

RightOn! Guitar Straps are stylish, very well made and reliable. They come in a number of styles offering something for every kind of guitar player. Features such as strap padding, adjustable length and shoulder grip add to their excellent functionality. Their Talisman and Mojo collections are a great range of vegan guitar straps. With an attractive variety of high quality materials and eye-catching patterns to choose from, RightOn! Guitar Straps make a top choice as your guitar or bass strap.


Why Should I Choose a RightOn! Guitar Strap?

  • A variety of colours and patterns to choose from
  • High quality leather straps as well as vegan ranges
  • Comfortable and reliable guitar straps

Frequently Asked Questions about RightOn! Straps

Question: Are RightOn! Guitar Straps any good?
Yes, RightOn! guitar straps are extremely comfortable and stylish, allowing you to play for extended periods of time while also enhancing your onstage look.
Question: Does a RightOn! guitar strap fit any guitar?
RightOn! guitar straps have been made to fit the vast majority of guitars and basses.
Question: Where are RightOn! guitar straps made?
RightOn! guitar straps are made in Spain to a very high quality.
Question: Are RightOn! guitar straps adjustable in length?
Yes, RightOn! guitar straps can be adjusted in length to fit your preferred height of playing. Most straps are adjustable to around 57"-59".