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About Roland Cube Amps

Roland Cube amps have been an extraordinary success for decades now. Built originally with home practice in mind, this range of solid state cube amps have gone on to become a viable source of great tones for recording situations and even gigs in the case of certain models.

Roland Cube amps use Roland's close relationship with sister company Boss to realise many of the fantastic amp sounds sand effects found within. Multiple channels are normal for the range, as are Boss-quality effects that have their own on board controls. Roland Cube amps often have connectivity to connect to a larger speaker cabinet or a computer for added usefulness. Home practice with good quality tones is essential for progressing and enjoying playing guitar and Roland understand this implicitly, giving high quality tones to all players.

Other ranges within the Cube family include the high-end Roland Blues Cube amps, solid state models with proprietary technology that effectively captures the subtle nuances of tube amps. Perhaps the most famous Roland Cube amp of them all is the Cube Street. This battery powered guitar amp takes a guitar and a mic simultaneously and because of this you'll see buskers in every town. village and city up and down the country using these to perform with.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Cube

Question: What type of batteries do I need to use with the Roland Cube Street?
The standard Cube Street requires 6 AA batteries to run but you can also plug it into the mains if you are at home. The Cube Street EX requires 8 double A batteries but it can also use Ni-MH rechargeable batteries too.
Question: What is Roland's Tube Logic technology?
Roland's Tube Logic technology is designed not to sound like the end result of a tube amp circuit but to perfectly mimic the actual behaviour of that circuit itself. This is why the Blues Cube amps 'feel' so real to play: they replicate the touch, response, feel and dynamic of tube amps.
Question: Is the Cube Street really loud enough for busking? It's rated at only 2x2.5w!
Yes, it's plenty loud enough for most people! For those who still need more power, just go for the Cube Street EX: it is rated at 2x25w so it is ten times more powerful! Remember though: power ratings are just that: rating of power, not volume. Both Cube models are very efficient and put out a lot of volume!
Question: What are the Blues Cube Tone Capsule devices?
The Tone Capsules are little devices (they look like valves but aren't) that clip into a custom connection in the back of the amp and change the entire tonal characteristic of the amp. Players like Robben Ford and Eric Johnson have signature Tone Capsules to allow you to work with their favourite parameters and preferences.
Question: Can I use two Cube Street amps at once?
Yes, definitely! In fact, Rland offer a special Cube Street EX PA pack with that just in mind! This pack contains two Cube Street EX amps plus all of the connection cables required and a quality carrying case. This gives you double the power, double the sonic spread and a very decent compact PA system, all in one handy bag.