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About Roland Cube Amps

The Roland Cube series of amplifiers has been the premier choice of amplifier for street musicians everywhere. Known for their extreme portability, versatility and surprisingly good sound, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option for the budding busker.

With a variety of options to choose from, there's a Roland Cube product that meets everyones needs, from someone who's looking for a portable amp to bring to a friends for a jam session, to the street performer that's out to get their sound heard.

Why Should I Choose a Roland Cube Amp?

  • Extremely affordable
  • Very portable
  • Great sound
  • Battery powered

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Cube

Question: Is the Roland Cube any good?
The Roland Cube is an extremely good amp. Very compact, easily portable and with battery operation make this an ideal choice for the musician on the move.
Question: What are Roland Cube amps good for?
Roland Cube Amps are good for street performers, rehearsals, or musicians who are on the move. They are extremely portable and versatile, and with battery powered operation they are the premier choice for street performers.
Question: Is the Cube Street really loud enough for busking? It's rated at only 2x2.5w!
Yes, it's plenty loud enough for most people! For those who still need more power, just go for the Cube Street EX: it is rated at 2x25w so it is ten times more powerful! Remember though: power ratings are just that: rating of power, not volume. Both Cube models are very efficient and put out a lot of volume!
Question: Which Roland Cube is best?
Each of the Roland Cube products brings something unique and valuable to the table, however the Roland Cube Street-EX is the ultimate in portable performance. It is slightly more expensive than something like the Micro Cube, but the extra cost is well worth it, with plenty of features, higher wattage, and keeping the same level of portability, it's an easy choice if you have the extra money to invest.
Question: Can I use two Cube Street amps at once?
Yes, definitely! In fact, Rland offer a special Cube Street EX PA pack with that just in mind! This pack contains two Cube Street EX amps plus all of the connection cables required and a quality carrying case. This gives you double the power, double the sonic spread and a very decent compact PA system, all in one handy bag.