Roland Jazz Chorus

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About Roland Jazz Chorus

The Roland Jazz Chorus is a range of amplifiers with a famous clean sound. The original Jazz Chorus amp, the JC-120, has been used by artists as diverse as Andy Summers and James Hetfield. The stereo Chorus effect that was built in to the amp contributed to its reputation for a lush, clean tone.

This reputation carries over to newer models like the JC-22. This newer model retains the sound, style and function of the original but offers it in a smaller, less loud package. These amps are popular because they provide a large, spacious, clean sound with lots of headroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Jazz Chorus

As of writing, there are a total of three models in the range: the original 120 watt JC-120, the 40 watt JC-40 and the 30 watt JC-22.
Roland JC amps are, and always have been, solid state in terms of their technology.
The Chorus effect on the Roland JC amps adds depth, dimension, space and colour to the sound. It can be dialled in to sound as subtle or as thick as you like it. Chorus is a very distinctive sound and is often used along with reverb and delay to make a very 'produced' 1980s clean guitar sound.