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About Seth Baccus Guitars

Seth Baccus Guitars are built in the UK, specifically Cornwall. The guitars have a unique take on a classic design that gives them their own look as well as their own sound. Each guitar is built to be such high quality that the instruments could well be handed down as heirlooms. Each guitar starts with hand selected timber from sustainable and certified sources, from there the long journey of creating perfection begins. Alongside the passionate work that is put into each guitar the hardware is selected to compliment such quality. You'll notice brands such as Tone Pros, ABM, Schroeder, Gotoh, and Bare Knuckle throughout Seth Baccus guitars and all these brands are synonymous with quality.

We're very proud to stock a variety of Seth Baccus guitars which can be viewed online or tried out in store!


Why Should I Choose a Seth Baccus Guitar?

  • Unique designs
  • Extremely high quality
  • UK made

Frequently Asked Questions about Seth Baccus Guitars

Question: Are Seth Baccus guitars any good?
Yes. Seth Baccus guitars are very good, they themselves class their products as heirloom quality.
Question: Where are Seth Baccus guitars made?
Seth Baccus guitars are made in the UK.
Question: What pickups are on a Seth Baccus guitar?
Bare Knuckle Pickups are the first choice for Seth Baccus guitars however other high quality pickups may be used.