Seymour Duncan Guitar Parts & Spares

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About Seymour Duncan Guitar Parts & Spares

Seymour Duncan Guitar Parts & Spares offer you a range of high quality spare parts, electronics and hardware components for repairing and upgrading your guitars existing parts. From alternative pickup covers to bridge components, scratchplates to switches, Seymour Duncan have you covered with their range of spares, all built to the high degree of quality, reliability and performance one expects of Seymour Duncan.

Why Should I Choose Seymour Duncan Guitar Parts & Spares?

  • Super high quality guitar parts
  • Wide range of parts, components and accessories to choose from
  • All built to that signature Seymour Duncan level of quality and reliability

Frequently Asked Questions about Seymour Duncan Guitar Parts & Spares

Question: Are Seymour Duncan parts and spares any good?
Yes they are! Seymour Duncan parts and accessories are built to the same demanding level of quality and performance as their outstanding range of pickups.
Question: What parts and spares do Seymour Duncan produce?
Seymour Duncan produce a huge range of parts and accessories, including pickup covers, pickguards, bridge components and hardware, and pots, switches and other electronic components.