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Dispatch, Newcastle

8 years at guitarguitar

Hi, I'm Johnny and I've been with the Newcastle store since 2014 and always been in dispatch (dispatch fo life yo!). My musical background started in the early 90's, been playing in bands from the mid 90's right up to now with my current band Scars Run Deep. Outside of music I'm a father to a sassy four year old girl, enjoy gaming (Xbox), collecting Pop Vinyls and all things Spider-Man.

  • Gear I Can't Live Without

    My 82 Ibanez Iceman, Jackson RRTMG Rhoads Silverburst and 91 Les Paul Goldtop

  • Essential Album

    Stuck Mojo - Declaration of a Headhunter

  • Best Ever Gig

    Metallica Live at Newcastle Arena in 1996