Flamenco Guitars

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About Flamenco Guitars

Flamenco Guitars are a subset of conventional style classical guitars purposefully designed for flamenco players. These guitars are typically built with thinner tops and modified internal bracing compared to classical guitars, emphasizing the brighter, more percussive tones of the guitar. Tops made of solid cedar, solid spruce and solid cypress lend themselves particularly well to achieving that flamenco sound.

A host of famous classical guitar manufacturers also make guitars specifically built for flamenco players, including Alhambra guitars, Alvarez, Cordoba and Yamaha.


Why Should I Choose a Flamenco Guitar?

  • Purpose designed for Flamenco style
  • Thinner, lighter tops for brighter, more percussive tone
  • Internal bracing style better suits percussive flamenco techniques
  • Necks built to suit the fluid, highly physical flamenco techniques

Frequently Asked Questions about Flamenco Guitars

Question: What type of guitar is used for flamenco?
Any nylon string, classical style acoustic guitar can be used for flamenco, though specific flamenco style guitars are especially suited to the style.
Question: Which guitar is best for flamenco?
Nylon string, Flamenco style acoustic guitars are best for Flamenco. They differ slightly in construction from classical guitars to better suit the specific techniques and desirable tone of flamenco music and guitar playing.
Question: Are flamenco guitars different?
Flamenco guitars are typically built with a lighter and thinner top than conventional classical guitars, imparting a brighter, more percussive quality. They also typically feature less internal bracing, to help with that percussive quality.
Question: What's the difference between a classical guitar and a flamenco guitar?
Classical and flamenco guitars are extremely similar, with only some differences in construction and material choice to aid in the brighter, percussive tone required of flamenco music.