Three Dots

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About Three Dots

Three Dots is the brainchild of fusion legend Takashi Masuzaki and renowned bass luthier Yoshi Kikuchi. Following his earlier company, the lauded Atelier Z and several years of studying under then working with none other than the likes of Roger Sadowsky and John Suhr, Mr Kikuchi set out on his own to forge a new brand that utilised all his skills and ingenuity, making the best quality instruments based on classic designs.

Three Dots is built around Mr Kikuchi's principle of providing musicians with the best possible instrument he can for a given price, ensuring that even when you recognise the inspiration for Three Dots models, they truly have to be played to be believed!

Why Should I Choose Three Dots?

  • Three Dots guitars are built around the principle of building the best guitars possible at agreat price
  • They're built in Japan to the exacting demands and quality of renowned luthier Yoshi Kikuchi
  • Three Dots take their cue from classic guitar and bass designs, and elevate them to the highest degree