Walrus Audio Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

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About Walrus Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Walrus Overdrive & Distortion Pedals are excellent additions to any pedal board. They can add extra texture to your recordings or help you to cut through well when performing live. The Walrus overdrive and distortion pedal selection consists of many excellent choices such as the Ages Overdrive or Iron Horse Distortion if you want some a bit more extreme. They are hand made in the USA using the best of components and the prototypes are road tested by professional artists before going into production. Walrus overdrive or distortion pedals can help your guitar to sound its best, especially if you are playing styles such as Rock and Metal.

Why Should I Choose a Walrus Overdrive or Distortion Pedal?

  • Excellent selection of professional grade tones
  • Made to a very high quality in the USA
  • Many have features not found on other pedals

Frequently Asked Questions about Walrus Audio Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Question: Are Walrus overdrive pedals any good?
Yes. Walrus Overdrive Pedals are very good, especially for guitarists who value their tone. They offer some of the best driven sounds on the market today.
Question: Is Walrus Ages a Tube Screamer?
The Walrus Ages isn't a Tube Screamer but it can produce a very similar sound, as well as many other tonal options, thanks to its five different gain modes and Dry Blend control.