Alexander Pedals

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About Alexander Pedals

Alexander Pedals are the brainchild of pedal designer and builder Matthew Farrow and a trusted group of friends and co-conspirators. Alexander guitar pedals deliver outstanding quality pedals that deliver everything from tried and tested tones to truly out of this world experimental effects to set your mind and music ablaze. From their Space Force reverb pedal packed with gorgeous, ethereal reverb sounds and powerful controllability, to the wild Syntax Error 2 for sequencerish, pitch-shifty tremulous madness, Alexander pedals truly set the bar high in exploring effects.


Why Should I Choose an Alexander Pedal?

  • Outstanding quality pedals
  • Wild sounds
  • Alexander donate to charity with every pedal sold

Frequently Asked Questions about Alexander Pedals

Question: Are Alexander pedals any good?
Yes they are! Alexander Pedals put some outstanding tones and powerful sounds right at your feet, built to an outstanding level of quality and reliability.
Question: Where are Alexander pedals made?
Alexander Pedals are hand-crafted at Alexander headquarters in Garner, North Carolina.