Alto PA Subwoofers

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About Alto PA Subwoofers

Alto PA Subwoofers are an ideal PA solution for performers who require a compact and portable sub that doesn't compromise on quality. Alto subwoofers can easily integrate into your system thanks to their standard XLR connections and pole mounts, while the hardwearing casing makes them ideal for fixed installations and mobile systems. Whether you need a compact PA for a practice space, venue installation or as part of a mobile system, Alto Subwoofers deliver on quality sound without breaking your budget.


Why Should I Choose an Alto PA Subwoofer?

  • Easy to incorporate into your system
  • Reliable
  • Portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Alto PA Subwoofers

Question: Are Alto subwoofers any good?
Yes, if you're looking for a lightweight and affordable sub, it's hard to look past Alto.
Question: Who uses Alto subwoofers?
Alto subwoofers are used by musicians, DJs and performers who require a lightweight and portable, yet full range PA system.