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About Guitar Amp Accessories

At guitarguitar we keep numerous accessories for guitar amps. Fresh valves from several companies are available, as are more specialist products such as transmitters for line 6's G10 Wireless Relay devices.

We also have an excellent range of headphones available for those who prefer to practice in private or late at night!

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Amp Accessories

Question: What are the best headphones for plugging into my amp for practice?
This is a very subjective question but we do have plenty of choice. Look for a pair that is comfortable to wear and has a long cable. Other than that, it's really down to personal preference and budget. Closed back headphones give better isolation so you don't have to turn up so loud while open back designs are handy if you need to listen out for the phone, for example. Frequency response isn't such a huge deal if you use the headphones exclusively for playing the guitar. The frequency range for an electric guitar is from roughly 80Hz to 1200Hz and pretty much all headphones cover this spectrum of frequencies. That being said, we have found that Audio Technica, Shure and Sennheiser always give great results and are available at a range of price points.
Question: Can I use the Line 6 G10 wireless Relay with any amplifier?
Yes you can! The unit has a transmitter which plugs into your guitar where the cable would normally go and the other part is a receiver which sits on top of the amplifier. You can enjoy digital wireless guitar tone regardless on what type of amp you use.
Question: Can I use any type of valve when I'm replacing them in my amp?
In terms of brands, yes. It's worth sticking to the same brand for the whole set if you want uniformity of the variables that combine to create your sound, though. Also, with power amps, make sure you change them in pairs. If you have 4 power amp valves, for example, the outer two are a pair and the inner two are a pair. This is how they should stay. As always, if in doubt, get in touch and our staff will be happy to advise!