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About Ashdown Bass Amps

Ashdown Engineering are a brand of bass amplifiers and associated products. Ashdown bass amps are some of the most recognisable in the world.

Ashdown make heads, cabinets and combos for bass as well as effects pedals. They make a wide variety of amp models, ranging from small 10w practice amps to 300w touring amplifiers. The EVO range is popular with gigging bassists since the amps are affordable, powerful and are choc-full of features.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ashdown Bass Amps

Question: Which famous artists use Ashdown amps?
Ashdown are used by: John Entwhistle (the Who), JJ Burnel (the Stranglers), Mark King (Level 42) and Adam Clayton (U2).
Question: What does the 'ABM' stand for in Ashdown ABM Bass heads?
ABM stands for Ashdown Bass Magnifier, which itself is a reference to a quote from the movie Flash Gordon about some fictional piece of equipment called a 'Klystron Magnifier'.