Blackstar St James

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About Blackstar St James

The Blackstar St James Series is a stunning collection of valve amps, with one major difference. They are significantly lighter than other valve amps of a similar size. Blackstar have carefully crafted a series of amplifiers that are capable of great, valve amp tone but presented in a build that's up to 47% lighter than traditional rigs. Packed with studio ready features such as XLR, Stereo-Line Out and USB connections, you have a modern amplifier, with a classic sound.


Why Should I Choose Blackstar St James?

  • Amazing Sound
  • Up to 47% Lighter Than Traditional Valve Amps
  • Variety of Options
  • Studio Ready Features

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar St James

Question: Is the Blackstar St James Series any good?
Yes. The Blackstar St James Series are very good. They provide the same, incredible tone you can expect from a valve amp, but with much lighter construction. They are ideal for gigging musicians looking for a great sounding amp that's easy to transport.