BOSS Guitar Wireless Systems

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About BOSS Guitar Wireless Systems

Boss Guitar Wireless Systems are extremely popular amongst gigging musicians, as it affords them the ability to wirelessly link up their rig, minimising the need for complex cable systems, and maximise the musicians ability to move around the stage. Boss Guitar Wireless Systems boast a lightning fast connection and ultra-low latency, meaning that there's no danger of compromising your tone.

Why Should I Choose a BOSS Guitar Wireless System?

  • Lightning fast transmission
  • Ultra-low latency
  • On stage mobility
  • Easy to use
  • Battery powered operation
  • Optimum wireless connection
  • Premium audio performance

Frequently Asked Questions about BOSS Guitar Wireless Systems

Question: What is a BOSS guitar wireless system?
A BOSS Wireless Guitar System allows players to set up their rig in a wireless fashion, giving them extra mobility on stage, without worrying about tripping on messy cables.
Question: Who are BOSS guitar wireless systems for?
BOSS guitar wireless systems are ideal for gigging musicians, or even bedroom players who are looking to play without the need for cables.
Question: Do BOSS guitar wireless systems come with rechargeable batteries?
Yes! They come with rechargeable batteries via USB cable charging.