D'Addario XS

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About D'Addario XS

D'Addario XS is an innovative line of guitar strings that have been specially coated to prolong life expectancy and tone, plus deliver incredible reliability. If you play guitar regularly and hate the feeling of dead strings, you're going to love what D'Addario XS offer.

D'Addario XS strings feel vibrant and lively for much longer than regular guitar strings, plus they are much stronger, meaning you're not going to experience unexpected breaks as you get aggressive with the whammy bar. If you're looking for the best tone without having to frequently replace your strings, you're going to love D'Addario XS strings!


Why Should I Choose D'Addario XS?

  • Impressive reliability
  • Lasting tone
  • Great for aggressive playing

Frequently Asked Questions about D'Addario XS

Question: What are D'Addario XS strings?
D'Addario XS are specially coated strings that extend the stability and life expectancy of your strings.
Question: What is D'Addario XS good for?
D'Addario XS strings offer a long life expectancy compared to regular strings.
Question: Who uses D'Addario XS strings?
Some notable D'Addario players include Nita Strauss, Nile Rodgers and Guthrie Govan.