D'Addario XT

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About D'Addario XT

D'Addario XT electric guitar strings have the tone and feel that guitarists demand along with performance that never fades. These strings are made with long-lasting performance in mind but still manage to deliver a natural tone. With excellent tuning stability and advanced corrosion resistance these are excellent guitar strings. D'Addario XT strings feature a microscopically thin hydrophobic treatment to protect them from sweat and humidity, giving these coated strings a far extended life compared to uncoated strings.

D'Addario XT electric guitar strings come in a selection of gauges such as their 09-42 Super Light set. They are also available for acoustic players with the XT phosphor bronze being a favourite of many. If you value pitch stability but don't want to make any sonic sacrifices then D'Addario XT are the strings for you.


Why Should I Choose D'Addario XT?

  • Designed to last longer than regular strings
  • An excellent tonal clarity that doesn't fade
  • Used by touring professionals

Frequently Asked Questions about D'Addario XT

Question: What are D'Addario XT guitar strings?
D'Addario XT guitar strings are specially designed to last longer while delivering a constant high quality sound.
Question: How long do D'Addario XT strings last?
D'Addario XT strings last far longer than regular strings thanks to their enhanced break resistance and advanced corrosion resistance treatment.
Question: What is the difference between D'Addario XT and XS strings?
D'Addario XT strings are made with a treated wrap wire while XS strings are coated using a film coating. Both processes enhance the lifespan of the strings.
Question: Are D'Addario XT strings any good?
Yes, they are highly dependable strings thanks to their break resistant design and pitch stability.
Question: Which artists use D'Addario XT strings?
Dave Matthews and Laura Cox are among the many artists who use D'Addario XT strings.