DiMarzio Guitar Straps

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About DiMarzio Guitar Straps

DiMarzio Guitar Straps offer players a range of choices for functional, secure and eye-catching guitar straps. DiMarzio Guitar Straps utilise their novel ClipLock technology which allows you to release and secure the straps as needed. For anyone seeking a strap for their next band practice or to tour the world, a DiMarzio Guitar Strap will get the job done in style.

Why Should I Choose a DiMarzio Guitar Strap?

  • Very easy to use
  • Secure and reliable
  • Range of styles to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions about DiMarzio Guitar Straps

Question: What type of strap does Steve Vai use?
Steve Vai is famous for his use of the DiMario Clip Lock strap. This special strap has two buckles and a locking mechanism, meaning the strap is secured in place but can be unbuckled, as it were, for storage or display. We stock these straps at guitarguitar.
Question: Are DiMarzio guitar straps any good?
Yes. DiMarzio Guitar Straps are very good, they are secure, easy to adjust, and come in a range of colours and styles.
Question: Are DiMarzio clip locks good?
Yes. DiMarzio Clip Locks are very good as they allow you to easily and securely affix your guitar strap with the least amount of hassle.
Question: What strap does Jim Root use?
Jim Root is known for using DiMarzio ClipLock straps and as a result, DiMarzio have released a signature ClipLock Strap in his honour.