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About the Epiphone Emperor

The Epiphone Emperor is an impressive hollow body jazz guitar. This large bodied and impressive instrument is a signature guitar for Joe Pass. Otherwise known as the Epiphone Joe Pass, this beautiful guitar represents much of what makes Epiphone great. It boasts classic vintage styling, easy play-ability and great value for money. The Joe Pass Emperor has a 3 piece laminated hard Maple neck and laminated Flame Maple for the back and sides.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Emperor Guitars

Question: What woods are used in making the Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II?
The Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II is made, in the traditional archtop way, from laminates. Laminated Spruce is used for the top and a veneer of Flmaed Maple is used on the back and sides for a luxurious look. The set neck is made from 3 pieces of hard Maple.
Question: Is the Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor based on a Gibson design?
No, the Emperor is an original design by Epiphone. Interestingly, Epiphone were Gibson's direct competitor in terms of archtop guitars like the Emperor until Gibson's parent company CMI bought Epiphone in 1957.
Question: Who is Joe Pass?
Joe Pass was an incredible Jazz guitarist from New York. Known as one of the greatest jazz players ever, Joe made his name in the 60s and died in 1994, leaving an incredible legacy of music and guitar playing that continues to inspire to this day.