Epiphone Banjos

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About Epiphone Banjos

Epiphone banjos come in a range of models to suit Country, Folk & Bluegrass players. From tenor models to 5 string banjos with open back or resonator build styles, Epiphone have a comprehensive range. They even make the Stagebird, an elegant 6 string banjo! All of our guitarguitar showrooms have folk sections containing a range of Epiphone banjos to browse and try.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Banjos

Question: I want to learn to play the banjo: what is a good Epiphone banjo to start?
The Epiphone MBN-100 would be a top choice for beginners. Aside from being very affordable, it has an open back design that makes the instrument light and easy to handle. It is also slightly quieter than other banjos since its design does not include a resonator. We think this 5 string banjo would be perfect to learn with.
Question: How is the Epiphone Stagebird 6 string banjo strung and tuned?
The Epiphone Stagebird is strung with .010 gauge strings and is tuned, like a guitar to E, B, G, D, A and E. This means that if you are already a guitarist, you can begin plaing straight away with all of your existing knowledge.