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About ESP LTD EC 256

The LTD EC 256 provides guitar players with an excellent, cost-effective guitar from the ESP stable. Styled like the famous ESP Eclipse, the EC-256 is available in a multitude of colours both solid and translucent. Flame tops, binding and a contoured body make for a handsome and practical instrument, whilst tight build quality and quality hardware allow for a sound that is above the asking price.

This guitar is one of our best selling LTD guitars: guitarists looking for an affordable singlecut guitar for Rock, Blues and Metal should place the EC-256 on their list straight away! We keep a variety of these guitars in stock throughout our UK showrooms, all ready to play and buy!

Frequently Asked Questions about ESP LTD EC 256

Question: Why is the EC-256 'Lemon Drop' called that?
This is a slightly cheeky reference to a very famous guitar once owned by Peter Green in the 'British Invasion' days of Blues Rock. This famous guitar was famed to sound better than any other of its type and was revered for it's sound and looks: the Cherry had faded from its Sunburst finish, leaving a pleasing Amber colour nicknamed 'Lemon Drop'. Gary Moore owned it for a while and it now belongs to Metallica's Kirk Hammet, who takes it out on tour despite it's value being unbelievably high. LTD are appealing the Blues Rock market with this EC-256 model by giving it a finish very reminiscent of Peter Green's instrument.
Question: Is the Flamed Maple top on these guitars genuine or an imaged 'photoflame'?
The top of the LTD EC-256 is genuine Flamed Maple!
Question: Do LTD make a 7 string guitar in this range?
Yes they do! Just look for the EC-257 for the 7 string model. It is available in Black Satin and a left handed model is also available.
Question: Does the EC-256 have a bolted-on or set neck?
The LTD EC-256 has a full set neck construction.