Fender American Original Stratocaster

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About Fender American Original Stratocaster

The American Original Stratocaster range of guitars replaces the previous American Vintage Series. These beautiful Stratocasters celebrate the best moments of Fender's illustrious past with a number of specially designed guitars full of magic and heritage.

Available in two varieties, 50s and 60s, these lovely guitars pay respect to the past with vintage-style body dimensions and colours. Other features are brought up to date for the sake of a better playing experience. For example, the beautiful 50s Strat has a 50s-style thick V-shaped neck but a more modern 9.5" fingerboard radius to make bending strings easier. Both models are available left-handed.

The Fender American Original Stratocaster is a must-play. Visit one of our UK stores to try one for yourself or buy online and have it delivered to you.


Why Should I Choose a Fender American Original Stratocaster Guitar?

  • Classic vintage Fender design
  • V shaped neck promotes comfort and easier playing
  • Exceptional Fender build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Original Stratocaster

Question: The American Original 50s Strat has a V-neck. Is the rest of the neck true to the period?
Fender have made the decision to allow a couple of player friendly features to exist within the ethos of the American Original series. The 50s Strat is very close to a genuine 50s Strat is many ways but a concession was made to have a more contemporary 9.5" radius fingerboard as the majority guitarists prefer this. The frets are Narrow Tall, providing somewhat of a hybrid of classic and modern specs. The bottom line is this: the American Original 50s Strat is like having a vintage Strat that plays better and more easily than a truly vintage instrument.
Question: Are either of the American Original Stratocasters available as left handed models?
Yes, both the 50s and the 60s Stratocasters are available as left handed models.
Question: What are the main differences between the Fender American Original 50s Strat and the 60s Strat?
The 50s Strat has 'Pure Vintage '59' pickups and is available in some great period-specific colours such as Aztec Gold and White Blonde, all of which are coated in nitrocellulose lacquer for a perfect vintage look and touch. The neck has a V-shaped profile for a comfortable and very specific feel. The fingerboard radius is 9.5". The 60s model swaps the V-neck profile for a chunky 60s C shape and similarly brings a 9.5" fingerboard, this time made of rounded laminated Rosewood instead of the Maple of the 50s model. A set of Pure Vintage '65 pickups adorn this model, which is available in finishes including Candy Apple Red and Olympic White.