Fishman Matrix

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About Fishman Matrix

The Fishman Matrix Series is Fishman’s flagship range of acoustic pickups. The Matrix itself is the world’s best selling undersaddle pickup. It appears as a stock pickup across several of the leading acoustic guitar brands.

For a detailed, natural sound, many players swear by the Fishman Matrix Infinity Blend System. This couples the Matrix piezo pickup with the Infinity condenser mic. It provides the clearest sound possible, perfect for live performance.


Why Should I Choose Fishman Matrix?

  • Incredible Acoustic Pickup
  • Clear Sound
  • Great For Live Performance

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishman Matrix

Question: What is Fishman Matrix?
Fishman Matrix is Fishman's flagship range of acoustic pickups. They provide acoustic performers with a low-profile, extremely clear sound that makes them ideal for live performances.
Question: Is Fishman Matrix any good?
Yes. Fishman Matrix is very good. The Matrix series have been providing acoustic players with exceptional sound for 3 decades.