Gibson Truss Rods / Covers

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About Gibson Truss Rods / Covers

Gibson Truss Rods and Covers offer a perfect, accurate and official replacement for your original truss rod cover. Your guitar's truss rod is one of the most important variables in your playability, and a properly set amount of neck relief affects everything including string tension, fret buzz, string height, and whether the neck bows. In other words, is your neck straight? In order to properly adjust the truss rod, underneath the cover is where you go. so if you lose it and need a replacement, or yours gets damaged, you can pop on one of these official replacement covers and your guitar will look its best again.

Why Should I Choose a Gibson Truss Rod and Cover?

  • Accurate and official replacements for original Gibson Truss Rod Covers
  • Perfectly fits Gibson guitars
  • No compromise on quality or appearance

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Truss Rods / Covers

Question: Are Gibson truss rods and covers any good?
Yes! Gibson truss rod covers are made to be perfect replacements for your original truss rod cover.
Question: What size are Gibson truss rods?
Gibson truss rods typically require a 5/16 inch truss rod wrench for making adjustments.