Truss Rod Covers / Backplates

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About Truss Rod Covers / Backplates

Truss rod covers and backplates can help maintain your guitar by keeping dirt, dust and other unwanted debris out of your guitar neck. If you have lost your cover or are looking to modify for tools to maintain your truss rod, here at guitarguitar we have plenty of options.

Why Do I Need a Truss Rod Cover / Backplate?

  • Variety of Covers
  • Keeps out Dust and Dirt

Frequently Asked Questions about Truss Rod Covers / Backplates

Question: What does a truss rod cover do?
The truss rod cover is not only a nice visual touch, but the truss rod cover prevents dirt and dust from getting inside the neck.
Question: Can you damage a guitar by adjusting truss rod?
Yes. Adjustments to the truss rod should be done by an experienced technician preferably. Adjusting the truss rod incorrectly can result in warping and damage to the neck.
Question: What happens if you adjust truss rod too much?
Adjusting the truss rod too much can seriously damage the neck of your guitar.