MusicNomad Truss Rods / Covers

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About MusicNomad Truss Rods / Covers

MusicNomad Truss Rods / Covers and adjustment tools and gauges offer you some of the highest quality parts and tools available on the market for safely and accurately adjusting your guitar's truss rod. There's tools available in the series for adjusting guitars, bass guitars, classical guitars and basically anything else with strings and a neck! MusicNomad's Precision Truss Rod wrenches feature precision stainless steel construction, and come in a range of sizes to achieve accurate neck relief on guitars with any standard sized truss rods.

Why Should I Choose a MusicNomad Truss Rod / Cover?

  • Some of the highest quality guitar tools on the market
  • Indispensable for safe and effective truss rod adjustment
  • Tools available to fit any standard truss rod size out there

Frequently Asked Questions about MusicNomad Truss Rods / Covers

Question: Are MusicNomad truss rods and covers any good?
Absolutely! All MusicNomad products are produced to a fantastic level of quality and reliability, right across the range.
Question: What size are MusicNomad truss rods?
MusicNomad truss rod tools are available in 1/4", 5/16", 5mm for Martin guitars and 7mm sizes. From this selection you should be able to find a tool for adjusting any truss rod out there.