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About Gibson Pickups

Gibson Pickups are among the most legendary in existence. PAF pickups, considered the holy grail in terms of sound, are the stock humbuckers found on late-50s Les Pauls, for example. These units are the most frequently imitated and sought after pickups ever, with lots of third party companies and even Gibson themselves working hard to capture that elusive magic in new pickup models.

It isn't all about PAF pickups though! Gibson as a manufacturer is responsible for many incredible pickups. For example, the fantastic P90 pickup is a Gibson design, a model that has been used since its inception in the late 40s. Gibson offer lots of their pickup models for purchase as after-market upgrades to guitars with stock pickups. Burstbuckers, 57 Classics and more are all available so that everyone can enjoy a little bit of that Gibson tone.

We are authorised Gibson dealers and as such offer a range of guitar pickups from Gibson to fit into your own guitar. Gibson guitar pickups are made in-house in the USA, just like their guitars.

Why Should I Choose Gibson Pickups?

  • High quality pickups from one of the true originators of Electric Guitar
  • Classic tones built with full modern specifications
  • Reliable, dependable quality of construction and sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Pickups

Question: Do Gibson make their own pickups or outsource them to another company?
Gibson make all of their own pickups right beside the guitars in Nashville, Tennessee.
Question: What is the highest output Gibson humbucker?
Gibson produce two different pickups, both featuring ceramic magnets, which offer a higher output than the rest of Gibson's pickups. These are the Dirty Fingers humbucker and the 500T humbucker. These pickups are adept at handling high gain tones and throwing out huge sounds that are hot and aggressive.
Question: Which Gibson pickup most accurately captures the special PAF tone?
Gibson have made a few different pickups overs the years in an attempt to capture that elusive, mythical PAF tone. Not all of them, however, are available to buy as separate units to retrofit to your guitar. It seems that the closest fit in terms of sonics, output and touch sensitivity is the '57 Classic model. Gibson feel that this Alnico 2 magnet humbucker is so close to the desired sound, they even put 'Patent Applied For' stickers on the bottom of each pickup!