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Korg Samplers

Korg Samplers grant you access to Korg's versatility and effortless workflow with limitless sound possibilities. Korg Samplers offer fast editing of audio with real time controls, as well as fantastic sequencing capabilities. In addition to this, both the Volca Sample and Electribe Sample are compact, extremely portable and can even be run on batteries.

Korg samplers are not only used by professionals, but their intuitive control interface and affordability makes them an ideal gateway into the world of sampling. If you have any questions about samplers, do let us know and our specialist staff will be more than happy to help.


Why Should I Choose a Korg Sampler?

  • Opens you up to a whole world of sounds for your compositions
  • Wide range of models with huge capabilites
  • Korg produce some of the most iconic smaplers ever made
  • All have simple, intuitive user interfaces

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Samplers

Question: What can I do with a sampler?
The process of sampling allows you to record a source and manipulate the audio. This could be something you have recorded yourself, for example, an instrument or something non-musical, like banging a peice of metal fence with a stick, alternatively you could use audio you have recorded from television or an album. Once in the sampler, you are able to play the sound with controls similar to a synthesizer, sounds can be slowed down or sped up, faded in or out, reversed, or have effects applied to them, like filters and reverbs. Some music like hip-hop and dance music can use chunks of audio from an album to create a new piece of music by rearranging it or playing the sounds in a different rhythm.
Question: What styles of music can you make with a sampler?
You can use audio samples in virtually any genre of music, although they do tend to be most popular in electronic genres like hip-hop, drum and bass, electro and industrial.