Korg Electribe

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About Korg Electribe

Korg Electribe instruments have been a mainstay of electronic music since the original models were launched back in 1999. They were designed as all-in-one groove boxes that featured multi-track sequencing and depending on the model focused on either analog synth emulation or audio sampling.

Now in its 4th generation, the Electribe still comes in 2 variations: a hardware sampler (in red) which allows you to record/import your own sounds, and a synth station (in blue) which features emulated analogue synths. Both Electribes are capable of producing high quality tracks or can easily be integrated into an existing production setup.

In addition to being popular with professional musicians, Electribes can be an excellent gateway into electronic music production, thanks to their amazing sounds, effects and intuitive user interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Electribe

Question: Can I sequence other hardware with an Electribe?
You can, each pad on the Electribe represents one MIDI channel, so you can sync up to 16 external MIDI devices with the Electribe and use it to control what they play.
Question: Who has used Electribes?
The Prodigy, Legowelt and Underworld are all notable Electribe users.
Question: What kind of music are Electribes good for?
Both Electribes are ideal for creating electro, techno, house, hip hop, drum and bass, trap, synthwave and other electronic genres.