Korg Electribe

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About Korg Electribe

Korg Electribe machines offer all-in-one music production and sequencing. The Electribe series features two models, the blue EMX2 that houses a powerful synth engine, and the red ESX2 which offers cutting-edge sampling technology. Each Electribe gives you the ability to complete full productions and perform on the fly using real-time controls. These features have made the Korg Electribe popular for creating electronic and hip-hop music and an essential part of electronic set-ups for use on stage and in the studio.

Why Should I Choose a Korg Electribe?

  • Powerful sequencing is ideal for electronic, breakbeat and hip-hop
  • Capable of creating full compositions
  • Excellent for new and experienced producers
  • Sequence other hardware equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Electribe

Question: Can I sequence other hardware with an Electribe?
You can, each pad on the Electribe represents one MIDI channel, so you can sync up to 16 external MIDI devices with the Electribe and use it to control what they play.
Question: Who has used Electribes?
The Prodigy, Legowelt and Underworld are all notable Electribe users.
Question: What kind of music are Electribes good for?
Both Electribes are ideal for creating electro, techno, house, hip hop, drum and bass, trap, synthwave and other electronic genres.
Question: What does Korg Electribe do?
The Electribe is an all-in-one sequencer/groovebox with expressive sequencing and depending on the model, gives you powerful synthesis or sampling, plus effects and real-time controls. As a hardware sequencer, Korg Electribe also lets you sequence other hardware, so it can truly be used as the hub of your creative process.
Question: Is Korg Electribe 2 analog?
No, Korg Electribe is all digital and offers far more in terms of features and sequencing than an analog machine is able to.